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Cuno III Alpaca Sweater

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The updated Cuno Ingo sweater has a trimmer youthful profile. It is comfortable and easy to care for and it will accompany you around the world. Knit with luxurious alpaca from the Andes Mountains of Peru.

  • 50% alpaca / 50% acrylic
  • made in Peru
  • machine wash, tumble dry

 About Alpaca wool:

  • Alpaca is softer, lighter, warmer and stronger than cashmere or sheep wool
  • Consists of long-lasting lustrous fibers that are stain, odor, flame and wrinkle resistant
  • Is an eco-friendly renewable fiber
  • Alpaca fiber has no lanolin (the oil found in sheep wool), making it hold less dust, allergens and bacteria
  • It’s odor, stain, flame and wrinkle resistant
  • It takes and retains dyes without losing its sheen
  • Products made of alpaca fiber are unusually easy to care for and long-lived