About us

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Our Services

At Gadsby’s, we specialize in a wide variety of custom and tailoring options. Our very own, The Great Gadsby Collection, is personally designed by our staff and proudly made in Canada.

Our trained consultants will also help you design a personalized suit, shirt, pair of pants or jacket to fit you to your exact specifications. Lost some weight? We can tailor most garments up to 2 sizes lower than the original. Have a leather jacket that has a scratch, rip or worn out collar? We can service it through Jez Leather in Montreal to repair the damage within three weeks!

The Gadsby Mission

Discover a modern menswear store with top notch customer service with stores in Cambridge, Ontario in the Preston downtown and Stratford, Ontario.

Gadsby’s Mission:the Experience.

Our mission is accomplished when you experience our warm service and genuine care in providing you with a unique wardrobe. While you’re here, enjoy a relaxing coffee or cappuccino.

Our valued clients live and work in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Stratford, London and the surrounding counties. All have come to rely on our expertise in providing the best menswear look and fit.