Please take advantage of the Westminster St Municiple Parking Lot behind the store. Parking is FREE for 3 hours.
You may enter the store through our back entrance off of Laneway 122.



If you are westbound on King St E, at Bishop St (Tim Hortons) turn left, take first right, Queenston Rd. to Chruch Street and turn right. Turn left on Laneway 122. You'll see the parking lot on the left.

If you are eastbound on King St E, at Eagle St (Tim Hortons) turn right, take first left, Queenston Rd. to Church Street and turn left. Turn left on Laneway 122. You'll see the parking lot on the left.

The Westminster Public Parking lot is between Westminster Dr S and Church St S.
Parking is FREE for up to 3 hours while the construction is underway. Afterward, it will return to 2 hours free.


Gadsby's Entrances

During construction, please use the Gadsby's back entrance.
It is just a few steps away from the Westminster Public Parking lot.

Although the front entrance is still accesible, a fence is separating the King St parking from the sidewalk. You'll have to walk to the nearest side street to get around the fence.


WHY is King St Under Construction?

Cambridge and the Region of Waterloo have embarked on a plan to update infrastructure both under and above ground. The result will be a commuter friendly streetscape, with street parking, and cycling lanes in addtion to two-way traffic on King St E.
Click the link below to stay informed by the Region of Waterloo about the King Street Construction.


Traffic updates for KING ST E, Cambridge

Traffic will continue to pass in both directions during the re-construction of King St E through Preston.
Daily up-to-date information on this project and others in the cities of Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo can be found in the Region of Waterloo's Road Closures app.
Click the link below to get the Traffic app or visit the online map.