Working from a Home Office, Part 1

28 October 2020

Office workers have been moved into their own homes across Canada and this has made a rapid and revolutionary impact on our culture in many ways.

The Commute

A Ford Motor Company study of European commuters in 2015 found that they were more stressed out by their commute than by their actual jobs or even a visit to the dentist. The study also showed that 63% of commuters were late for work at least once a month and nearly all left for work early just in case their journey was delayed.

Whether you miss the traffic, and your fellow commuters or not, the commute itself may have been an important part of the beginning and ending of your work day according to studies referenced in a BBC article by Damian Fowler.

Toronto highway traffic

The commute provides a selah, a time for reflection and transitioning of your thoughts from the happenings at home, towards the approaching hours you will spend at work.

If you find it hard to close off your mind from work and get ready for home after a day in the home office or vice-a-versa, schedule a mock commute. Turn off your work phone, change your clothes and head outside for at least a 15 - 20 minute walk or bike ride. If the weather is bad, go for a short drive and do some errands. Use the break to evaluate how your day was and begin to plan your after work activities.

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