Lois Men's Denim, Cotton Pants and Shorts

24 October 2020

Men's Jeans Have Come a Long Way

The most common men's clothing item that we sell at Gadsby's are jeans. Jeans come in all colours, styles, weights. Some jeans have lots of stretch and others have just a little stretch for the sake of comfort. It goes without saying that men's jeans have come a long way from the first pair of Levi's that were made in 1873,

Whether you come in asking for "Lowess" or "Louise" jeans, we'll know you are looking for "Lois" (rhymes with 'boys') jeans and we'll point you in the right direction.


The Lois pant is hands down our top selling denim and casual cotton pant. Not only is it our opening price point, selling at an even $120, but it presents all the characteristics of comfort and style. Lois common characteristics include, multi-way stretch, cotton blends for breathability, a range of fits from slim, to modern, to relaxed fits, multiple colour ways and denim dressy or faded styles. Need we mention, "the best fit in the seat!"

History of Lois Jeans

Lois, a Spanish clothing line, was brought to Canada over 40 years ago. The pant collections are created in Canada and a few styles continue to be made in Montreal, Quebec. Although several styles are made off-shore, the quality of fabrics and construction has not diminished. Lois continues to provide many jobs in Quebec, from where they warehouse and distribute jeans and clothing across North America.

Why Lois are a Bestselling Pant

Our experienced consultants can help you find your best fit and style after only a few questions.

  • Where do you intend to wear your Lois? (work, home, dinner out, special occasion, all of the above, etc)
  • How do you typically like your pants to fit? (slim, modern/tapered but not too tapered, relaxed/don't want them to hug the legs, etc)
  • What colours in shirts/sweaters/jackets do you have in your closet that you typically wear with your pants?

From here, we are your personal shopper and help you find your size and style. We create a postive fitting experience for our clients, and we often find that clients can fit a size down to what they normally wear because of the stretch in the waist of the pant. The stretch is also woven throughout and makes the Lois pant super comfortable no matter what activites or work you are engaged in.

Whether you need a spring/summer lighter weight or the fall/winter heavier weight, every season is covered. The summer collections also feature shorts in various lengths.

In the 80's, a pair of good quality, fashion jeans cost around $100. The quality and value you get 20 years later with Lois jeans makes them very affordable.

With Lois having this much going for them, and a repeat rate of over 90% of clients returning to buy another pair, the pant almost sells itself!