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Thrift Shops Supporting Local Charities

20 December 2019

When it's time to clean out your closets, cupboards and garage, consider supporting local charities by donating your bounty to them.

Why local?

The funds raised by the sale of the goods go back into programs in your community.

When people are facing financial hardship, they often turn to these community thrift stores for the clothing and supplies they need to keep their families clothed and their homes running well. The greater the supply of second-hand goods available at the thrift store means they will be able to find quality goods at a price they can afford without depleting their food and shelter budget.

Often these local charities not only sell the second-hand goods but they also give them away when the need is seen. The staff know the people in their communities and are able to meet pressing needs directly.

The environmental impact of recycling your goods to be reused locally, instead of them being packed up and shipped to unknown destinations, is certainly also worth our consideration.

Preparing Your Items for Donation

  1. Wash or clean items.
  2. Fold clothes neatly and place in a carboard box or paper shopping bag.
  3. Wrap fragile items so they don't get broken in transit.
  4. Deliver items during donation hours. Please don't leave items outside the charity. Follow links below for the hours of each location.