Travelling in Style - Packing

11 April 2019

Questions like "Where am I going?" and "What's the purpose of my trip?" in addition to "How long will I be away?" are equally important to answer before you start to pack.

Where am I going?

Ususally where you are going is the easiest question to answer. Have you thought about seasonal influences that will affect the wardrobe you choose? Will it be wet, dry, hot or cold? You'll want to know if there insect infestations during certain times of the year. If so, pack clothing that will resist insects from getting next to your skin and pack an appropriate insect repellant.

How Long will I be Away?

How long will I be away is isually another easy question to answer, unless you have an open-ended flight booked. How much you should pack will be determined by the length of your trip. If you are travelling for more than a couple of weeks, you'll get tired of wearing the same thing every-other day, and it will begin looking tired too. From our experience, factor in at least one top (sport shirt, knit, t-shirt) for every two days and one pair of bottoms (slacks, jeans, shorts, etc) for every 3 three days that you are away, up to a maximum of 7 shirts and 5 bottoms. You can wash your underwear and let it dry overnight, but it might be still damp in the morning. Tilley's Travel Underwear promises to be dry by morning.

What is the Purpose of My Trip?

Business trips: ask your colleagues what the agenda looks like. Ask questions like, "Is there a dress code for any of the meetings or functions I'll be attending?", "What time of day and where is that meeting taking place?" If you are meeting in a board room at the corporate office you might choose to wear a sport jacket and a pair of slacks. If you are having a lunch meeting at the local pub, your attire can be more along the lines of a sport shirt and fashion jean.

Vacation: for the most part, relaxation is the order of the day. Wear what you find most comfortable for the setting, with two notable exceptions.

  1. Cruises, consider dressing up for dinner. Most adult focused cruises have a dress code for dinner in one or more of their on-board dining rooms. From our experience, the ladies packed with ship-board dining in mind. On the other hand, their companions looked like they had just finished 18 holes at the golf course. And perhaps they had! However, with one classic Au Noir or Jack Victor sport jacket, worn over a sport shirt or knit, you can turn a 'too casual' look into 'dinner attire.' It's never gauche to dress a little above an occasion.
  2. All-inclusive Resorts, along the same lines as dinner's on-board ship, some restaurants at 5-star resorts may have a dress code. Pack at least one outfit that includes a Sport Jacket, Sport Shirt and dressier pant. For a fresh island look, choose a complete look from Tommy Bahama in linen or cotton.

Are there Luggage Restrictions?

Finally, check how much luggage you are allowed to bring. Baggage allowances are often ticket specific and will appear in the fine print at the bottom of your reservation. Not only do airlines have luggage restrictions, but often cruise lines limit the amount of luggage each person can bring on board. Gone are the days of taking passage with your steamer trunk in tow!

Visit our friends down the street at Total World Travel & Cruises for links to the major airlines' baggage policy pages. You find the links in the Resources menu.

Tell us Where you are Going

The consultants at Gadsby's Clothing have experience outfitting men who have travelled around the world. If you are unsure of what you should take, let our experience come to your aid. We will help you set out on your next travel adventure in style for sure, but also with an eye for what's most practical for you.