Valentine's Day 2021 - Ideas to Make it A Special Day

4 February 2021

We've come up with a few ideas to help you have a memorable Valentine's Day in 2021.

Chez Moi - 5-Star Restaurant

Turn your home into a 5-star restaurant for you and your beloved:

  • Plan the menu now so you can do the grocery shopping a day or two in advance. Or, call your favourite restaurant and find out if they have started taking orders yet for the day you want to celebrate Valentine's Day. With so many people at home and placing take-out orders on Valentine's Day, (which is Sunday, February 14, 2021) you might want to enjoy your Valentines dinner on another night. Make it really special by using the services of a great caterer like Chef D. Contact him via his website.
  • Lighting and Music, ambience is key, keep the music and the lights low
  • Set the table ahead of time with your favourite dinnerwear, glasswear, cutlery and cloth napkins. If you need to refresh your dinnerwear or napkins, visit Bradshaws of Stratford.
  • Do all your meal prep (cleaning as you go) and then keep it warm in a low oven until ready to serve.
  • Dress up as if you are going out for dinner to a 5-Star Restaurant. Sure, go all out and wear a bow tie with your tuxedo. It's a special occassion! Looking for a new outfit? Visit our online store.

Boundless Love

If you can't gather with all of the special people in your life, find a shared experience that you can each do in your own location at the same time. Afterwards you'll be able to share about the experience each from your own vantage point. Here's a few ways to do that:

  • Attend a virtual concert like the one that entertainer, Josh Groban is hosting on Valentine's Day. Click here for details.
  • Go for a nature walk and share photos between you and your loved ones of things you know they would enjoy.
  • Create a shared menu, with each person contributing a recipe and then share photos of how your meals turned out. Looking for new recipe ideas. Take a look on Chef D's website.
  • Go nostalgic - write a letter or make a handmade Valentine and drop it in the mail.
  • Order (& pay for) takeout and have it delivered to your loved one. (Make sure they'll be home to receive it.)

Family Valentine's Day Fun

Get the kids and youth involved in demonstrating their love for the family.

  • Handmade Valentines for each other, grandparents and close friends.
  • Purchase a special selection of choclates and candies which will delight each member of the family. We've got so many great chocolatiers in our communties. Here are just a few:
    Reids's Chocolate, Candy & Nut Shop, Cambridge
    Rheo Thompson Candies, Stratford
    Chocolate Barr's Candies, Stratford
    https://woodlyndschocolates.comWoodlynds Chocolate Shop, Stratford
  • Love is a treasure of untold worth. It should be carefully search for and held tightly when found. Create a treasure hunt in your home or back yard, to remind your children of this truth.
  • Plan a family outing to the park or a local walking trail after a nice lunch.