Weddings & Formal wear



Gadsby's has the wedding look you want at the price that suits your budget.

Suits are always a popular option for the modern wedding party, but if you are considering other ideas that are outside the box, let Gadsby's help you put it together.

Thinking of a "Destination Wedding" in the backyard, around the pool or at a tropical resort. We've got that look too.

Whether a single suit or for the entire wedding party, Gadsby's can accomodate!

Drop in for a free wedding consulation on suits & accesories. We will help you find the best combination for the season, theme and budget for your special occasion.


Formal Wear

Awards night, anniversary, school prom, New Year's Eve or formal party? Gadsby's will help you put together a stand-out formal wear look for your special occasion.

We offer great Canadian tailored options such as Jack Victor as well as less expensive, high quality, imported garments for your special occasion.

Drop in for a free formal wear consultation with our expert staff. We'll help you find the right fit and look.

Formalwear FAQ

If you don't see your question below, please drop us an email or give us a call.

Do you rent suits and tuxedos?

After facilitating formal wear rentals for many years we switched to a purchase only model. The quality of the suits and accessories was dropping while the price of renting continued rising. The breaking point came when a rental client returned from his event telling us that the heel fell off his uncomfortable rental shoes mid-way down the aisle!

What are my options instead of renting?

Gadsby's offers quality wool and wool blend suits for purchase. The starting purchase price is only about one and a half times the cost of renting, but after the event, you've got a garment in your closet that will serve you well for many occasions. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Do you offer a group discount?

Yes! When you and your wedding party, or family members purchase their suits from Gadsby's we will give you a discount when there are four or more persons purchasing for the same event. Contact us today for a free consultation.

What's the difference between Gadsby's and 'big box' or online only stores?

Experience! We know men's fashion. We know how a suit should fit and we do what it takes to make you look your best for your special occasion. We help you customize all of the accessories from shirt and tie to shoes and socks. Our invaluable fashion expertise is included at no extra charge.

You are a 'walking billboard' for Gadsby's and therefore we do our utmost to make sure you are as pleased with the result as we are. Contact Gadsby's today for a free consultation.

How far ahead of my event should I book my consultation?

To get a thoroughly customized suit please allow a minimum of three to four weeks. In a pinch, Gadsby's carries a selection in-stock suits in various styles and sizes and we have satisfied clients needs with only two or three days notice.

What's the difference between suits made of wool, wool/poly blends, linen, etc?

If you been shopping for a suit you may have noticed that there are different fabric types. Gadsby's consultants will help you understand which fabric will perform the best for the season and location of your event. Each fabric has pros and cons relating to durability and comfort. During your consultation these factors will be taken into account before we recommend the best garment for you.