When Should You Replace Your Pants?

7 December 2018

You can get a lot of wear out of a pair of good quality dress pants or slacks. The best pants for professionals are tailored using wool and wool blend fabrics because these fabrics are very durable. Eventually however, they will need to be replaced. Here are the top 5 signs that it is time to replace your dress pants.

  1. You brighten any room. If your pants aren't mohair but they now have an obvious shine in the seat or front of the legs, it's time to update your pants.
  2. You don't mind dropping a little extra change. Are there holes in your pockets? Worn out pockets can be a sure sign you've had your pants long enough.
  3. Down at the heels. While frayed cuffs may be popular for denim, they are not an in look for dress pants...ever! Put your best foot forward in a new pair of pants from Gadsby's and remember that cuff alterations are always included when purchased at regular price.
  4. Pleats in the back. Have you lost weight? If your pants gather at the back when you tighten your belt, our advice is bring the pants in for an evaluation. If it is only a size down, our expert tailor can get you back to size. If it is more than that you'll be happier in a new pair of pants.
  5. This one may seem a bit too obvious, but if you've had a blow-out, like in the photo above, you definitely need to cover your butt and rush in for some new threads.

Let the professional consultants at Gadsby's help you choose your next pair of dress slacks. We feature Canadian and European made slacks, in a variety of fabrications and profiles.