Where are you spending Black Friday?

06 November 2019

It is no secret Canadians have welcomed Black Friday north of the border with open arms. Who wouldn't love the chance to check out with a few extra Christmas gifts when you can get them for a deep discount.

But, are Canadians getting what they are promised? Or, have we bought into an illusion that gets us into the store to merely get what we are paying for...fast fashion and hollowed out tech, made to spec for the Black Friday discounted price?

Look closely at many of the big-box and major retailer's so-called Black Friday Deals and you'll see that they aren't the same quality that you'll find in similar items at other times of the year. The specs and the fabrication are often minimized to meet the lower price point of the season. That TV may look the same at first glance, but take a closer look, start with checking if it is the exact same model number as the regular priced item. At any other time of the year the savvy shopper does their homework and takes time to compare; but Black Friday sales are 'limited time', 'limited quantity', and hurry, hurry, or you'll miss out!

However, you won't find this charade at Gadsby's or at most other 'main street' independently owned businesses. At Gadsby's when we have a Black Friday sale, or any seasonal sale, you'll find the same high quality fashion you would every other day of the year, but at incredible prices. Our discounted items are exactly what we promise, "they are end of the line, last season, and overstock."

At Gadsby's we offer every client the same kind of deal we would love to get!

So if you love high quality, enduring fashion, and want to stretch your budget...